Deep-Dive Strategic Internal Communication

Deep-Dive Strategic Internal Communication

Deep-Dive Communication Seminar
Strategic Internal Communication

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Last Update 06/14/2020
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In this three-day seminar, we will examine Communication Problems inherent to nearly all Corporations and Global Organizations. How can Corporations and Organizations ensure that Communication actually takes place? This course answers that important question.

Although this course is designed for C-Suite Executives and Senior Managers, the work is easily translated to all your Communication needs from the Top to the Employees whose responsibility it is to clearly and effectively communicate your Corporation’s or Organization’s mission and message.

Because Communication is such a vital component of Leadership, we will examine Communication in the context of Effective and Authentic Leadership.



We begin with a deep look into What is Communication and the many factors that impede day-to-day communication in the workplace.  What ‘noise’ interferes with communication and runs it off the rails? How can you and your employees communicate more efficiently, more effectively, and more to the point? These are just a small sampling of the skills covered in this Seminar.



This program ideally operates with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20

Effective communication with work colleagues and employees is one of the most valuable skills you and your teams can possess. Highly successful executives and managers rely on their communication and leadership skills to articulate strategic decisions to their staff and stakeholders, motivate team members and staff to achieve common goals, and to resolve workplace issues.

Your employees will learn to communicate your Firm’s or your Organization’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic goals efficiently and powerfully within the Company and to stakeholders and clients.



C-Suite, Senior Managers, Supervisors, and Line Managers

All that is needed is a willingness to learn and try new approaches to Communication and Leadership. Come with an Open Mind and an Open Heart. Be prepared to suppose the New Normal and how you and your Firm will deal with the New World.



Paddy Kennedy

Paddy Kennedy has been in the business of developing individuals for 48 years. Her entire professional career has been one of teacher, trainer, coach, and mentor. She is the Founder, CEO, and Principal of Kennedy Communication Studio – an International Company with clients from more than 90 countries.


Paddy is a professional speaker, speech coach, leadership coach, voice coach, and accent reduction teacher and trainer. She is the Principal of her own International Communication company, Kennedy Communication Studio. Her clients come to her over from 90 countries, all looking for a better, more effective way to speak, communicate, and lead. She is considered a Global Thought Leader in the field of Voice and Communication.


Paddy spent 10 years in New York City working with Business leaders, Professionals and UN Ministers in the field of Global Communication.  Today, she works with Global Business leaders and Professionals, helping them to strategize their leadership and communication for a winning outcome. She is the author of several training programs which cross a wide spectrum of business and professional subjects.  Her most recent article, “The Most Important Thing” is published in Women On Success (2020)


Day One:

o   What is Strategic Communication

o   Ways of Communicating Strategically

o   Effective Strategic Communication

o   The Importance of Sound Strategic Internal Communication

o   How to Achieve Sound Strategic Internal Communication

Day Two:

o   What’s the Point?

o   Finding the Point Through Story

o   Getting to the Point

o   Emotional Intelligence and Authentic Communication

o   Voice – Tone IS your Message

o   Giving and Receiving Feedback

Day Three:

o   Workshop Day

o   Delivering a Powerful Message

o   Peer Evaluations