Deep-Dive Strategic Communication Series Communication in Times of Crisis

Deep-Dive Strategic Communication Series Communication in Times of Crisis

"We owe each other honesty and authenticity.
We owe each other kindness and patience.
Most of all, we owe each other understanding."
- Nick Morgan

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Last Update 09/10/2020
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George Bernard Shaw was correct when he said, “The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

In the times of Covid-19 and other stressful times in the Global Marketplace, Shaw’s words are truer than ever. In these unprecedented times, atypical kinds of problems are arising in any Organization’s Internal Communication systems.

In this Deep-Dive Seminar, we will examine closely the major obstacles to and gaps in Internal Communication within Corporations and Organizations in times of crisis.

Because Communication is such a vital component of Leadership, we will examine Communication in the context of Effective and Authentic Leadership.


We will look closely at the major problems inherent to Virtual Communication; how to communicate in the New Normal, non-face-to-face way; how to keep teams from overwork and isolation; how to give and receive feedback in times of crisis; how to keep employees from the C-Suite all the way to the employees in the “trenches” connected and communicating effectively.


This course is designed for a maximum of 20 participants.

You will complete this program with new and innovative Communication Strategies that previously have not been typical in the Corporate or Organization world. These profound strategies will help you to speak more successfully. to lead your team and/or employees with greater results. You will look more deeply into human behavior during time of crisis, you will better understand how to Speak to be Heard and to Lead respectfully; you will learn to Listen with Empathy, to communicate through all the “noise” going on around you. You will take your communication to a much higher level where you will feel satisfied at the end of the day with both your communication and leadership effectiveness.


This course is primarily for C-Suite Executives and Senior Managers and has the greatest impact in an all-day session. However, this work can easily be broken down to a 3- hour session and can be effectively translated for all employees and team leaders within your Organization or Corporation.

The main requirement is simply to come with an Open Mind and an Open Heart, to learn new communication techniques to carry you, your staff, and corporation through these and other difficult times.



Paddy Kennedy

Paddy Kennedy has been in the business of developing individuals for 48 years. Her entire professional career has been one of teacher, trainer, coach, and mentor. She is the Founder, CEO, and Principal of Kennedy Communication Studio – an International Company with clients from more than 90 countries.


Paddy is a professional speaker, speech coach, leadership coach, voice coach, and accent reduction teacher and trainer. She is the Principal of her own International Communication company, Kennedy Communication Studio. Her clients come to her over from 90 countries, all looking for a better, more effective way to speak, communicate, and lead. She is considered a Global Thought Leader in the field of Voice and Communication.


Paddy spent 10 years in New York City working with Business Leaders, Professionals, and UN Ministers in the field of Global Communication.  Today, she works with Global Business Leaders and Professionals, helping them to strategize their leadership and communication for a winning outcome. She is the author of several training programs which cross a wide spectrum of business and professional subjects.  Her most recent article, “The Most Important Thing” is published in Women On Success (2020)


o   Problems in Internal Communication in Times of Crisis

o   Creating Strategies to Communicate in a Virtual World

o   Five Basic Problems with Virtual Communication

Ø  The Need for Positive, Effective Feedback with Virtual Communication

Ø  The Need for Empathy and Consistency

Ø  The Need for Control of a Consistent and Clear Message

Ø  The Need for Visible Caring and Emotional Intelligence

Ø  The Need for Connection and Commitment


o   Steps to Communicate Effectively in Unprecedented Times

Ø  How to Inspire Hope

Ø  How to Preserve your Corporate Culture

Ø  How to Reinforce Continued Relevance of your Brand, Purpose/Mission, and Core Values

Ø  How to Explain Changes in your Strategic Plan and What That Means to your Employees

Ø  How to Ensure that Each Part of your Organization is Capturing and Sharing your “Learnings” during these Extraordinary Times