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Accentuate the Beat
Accent Reduction for International Speakers of English
Accent Is Not Your Problem!
Did you know that . . .

The biggest stumbling block that International speakers of English must clear is
Foreign Accent Interference.

Some of the world’s greatest ideas are not being fully or clearly articulate and shared with the world simply because many International speakers feel inadequate, intimidated, or inconsequential speaking up at meeting because of their foreign accents!

Yet, it doesn’t have to be the case!

By learning, understanding, and implementing the basic vocal features of English known as intonation, rhythm, and stress, International speakers of English can, very successfully, convey meaning and be clearly heard and understood in the process.

Paddy Kennedy, Internationally renowned Speech and Accent Reduction
Trainer and Coach has created a system that is extremely easy to use and helps everyone who has to speak English to make their living:

1. Accent is not your problem. Learn the Music and Beats
2. We speak in sound units, not one word at a time. Learn the Rhythms
3. It’s not what you say but how you say it. Learn Intonation

It’s easy. But, it requires lessons and practice!

Stop letting your accent restrict the open exchange of world-class solutions
to worldwide problems.

Make your voice count!

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