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Accentuate the Beat

Accent Reduction for International Speakers of English

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On-Line and In-Person High-level

International Business English Programs


International Executives and Professionals

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Deep-Dive Strategic Internal Communication

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that is has taken place.”

- George Bernard Shaw

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Leaders Across Borders

is a program in Authentic Leadership.

In today’s world, the simple truth remains

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In A New York Minute  

In A New York Minute is a program written expressly for people who need to “get a leg up on their competition!”

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English Without Borders

focuses on International English usage

– the language of Global business.

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Invest in Yourself  

Private Strategic Communication Program for International Businesspeople, Invest in Yourself is a private communication program for businessmen and women who want to maximize their professional image and impact. 

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Programs in International Leadership and Business Communication

For Native English Speakers

Kennedy Communication Studio will create a Communication Strategy for those who speak English fluently yet find themselves conducting business with speakers of other languages. Leaders Across Borders, Speak-Up Women of the World, and Invest in Yourself are all programs and seminars created especially for you.

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Stay-Tuned for Our New Train the Trainer, and Coach the Coach Programs!

You can learn to train and coach all of our Programs.

Coach the Coach,

Train the Trainer


Accentuate the Beat Trainer

Programs will soon be announced

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About Paddy

Hello and thank you very much for coming to my site.


Creating Kennedy Communication Studio is a life-long dream.

I hope we can help you reach and realize your life-long dreams as well. After all, that is the goal of all my work, my raison-d’être, you could say.


The Philosophy

Communication is at the heart of everything we do. Communicate well, your voice is heard. Communicate poorly, your voice is muted. In other words:  

Speak to be Heard & Write to be Read!


Teaching people to  speak to be heard  and to  write to be read  is at the core of the Studio’s mission. Mastering these two main components of clear business communication is key to your success.

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