Accentuate the Beat

Accent Reduction for International Speakers of English


The accent is NOT your problem! That’s right. 

And yet, the biggest stumbling block that International speakers of English must clear is Foreign Accent Interference.

Some of the world’s greatest ideas are not being fully or clearly articulated and shared with the world simply because many International speakers feel inadequate, intimidated, or inconsequential speaking up at meetings because of their foreign accents!

Yet, it doesn’t have to be the case!

Because Accent is NOT your Problem.

In this 30-hour, on-line Webinar group class you will receive the following:

  • Pronunciation lessons

  • Accent reduction lessons

  • Vocal and Breathing lessons

  • Voice lessons

  • Elocution lessons

  • 5 hours of semi-private coaching

You will be assigned an accountability partner with whom you can work.


You have probably learned English with your eyes – through textbooks and reading. Well, that’s great if you want to write a paper in English.

But – it will not help you to speak English!

Why not? Because, first of all, around 61% of English words have silent letters. So – you will be wrong 61% of the time.

But more importantly, you must use your ears to learn how to speak English. You must train your ear to hear the sounds of English; to learn the musical patterns of Spoken English. And then to make those sounds clearly.

In this program, you will learn and come to understand how to hear and implement the basic oral features of spoken English known as rhythm, stress, intonation, sound units, and thought groups.

You will learn and will master very successfully and with great ease how to convey your meaning and how to be clearly heard and understood in the process. 

Your friends and colleagues will soon begin to notice a significant difference in what you are saying and the way you are sounding.


You will completely understand the 3 main points of Accent Reduction:

1. The accent is not your problem. Learn the Music and Beats

2. We speak in sound units, not one word at a time. Learn the Rhythms

3. It’s not what you say but how you say it. Learn Intonation

Your confidence in speaking English will grow in leaps and bounds as you make your way through the curriculum. 

You will learn how to successfully communicate in business meetings, presentations, and leading teams and/or companies.

Anywhere you have to speak English, you will begin to notice you are speaking with greater ease. And your colleagues and friends will notice that you are very easily understood.


This is not an English as a Second language program, so it is imperative that you are reasonably fluent in English. You clearly don’t have to be perfectly fluent. Most of you know more English than you give yourself credit for.

If you can carry on a business conversation or a chat with an English-speaking colleague or friend without too much difficulty, then you have the requirements needed for this program.

All instruction is in the target language, English, only. There will be absolutely no translations into any other language.  It’s easy. But it requires lessons and practice!

If you require basic English language instruction, this is NOT the class for you.


Paddy Kennedy is an Internationally renowned Speech and Accent Reduction Trainer and Coach with more than 48 years of training people. Over the last 20 years, Paddy has worked in International English, coaching executives, businessmen, and women, and professionals from across the spectrum to Speak-up, to Speak well and to Speak to be Heard and to Speak to be Seen.

After years of frustration, especially from her clients, Paddy knew that teaching accent reduction following textbooks and techniques that just didn’t work. So, she created her own system for learning how to reduce accent that is extremely easy to use and helps everyone who has to speak English to make their living. 

The Accentuate the Beat methodology is amazingly easy to learn and has been successfully tested for 8 years now.

Make your voice count!

Stop letting your accent restrict the open exchange of world-class solutions to worldwide problems.


Each class is 1 & ½ hours in length: one-hour lecture and 30 minutes of class work and discussion

Class One:

o   Introduction to course

o   Expectations

o   Issues in Accent Training

o   Introduction of Vowel sounds

Class Two:

o   Ooh la la! Love those Vowels

Class Three:

o   Beat is Just Another Word for Accent

o   Vowel Stress Rules


Class Four:

o   Feel the Vibe – Introduction to Consonant Sounds

o   Vowels quiz

Class Five:

o   Feel the Vibe – Module 2

v  Which Consonants Vibrate and Which Ones Don’t

v  How and Where Consonants Sounds are Made

Class Six:

o   Difficult Consonants

o   Breathing exercises for clear sound control

Class Seven:

o   Consonant Sound Review

o   Let’s Swing – Introduction to Rhythm

o   Breathing exercises for clear sound control

Class Eight:

o   Consonant Quiz

o   Let’s Swing – Rhythm Module 2

Class Nine:

o   Secrets of a Radio Journalist – Voice Training

v  How Radio journalists use their eyes and face to control their voice and to convey meaning

Class Ten:

o   Breathing, Vocal, Voice Review

o   Get your Groove On - Introduction of Stress

Class Eleven:

o   Get your Groove On

o   Elocution for Clear Speech

Class Twelve:

o   Review of all materials studied so far

o   Q & A – informal session

Class Thirteen:

o   Keep the Music Alive – Introduction to Intonation

Class Fourteen:

o   Keep the Music Alive – Module two

Class Fifteen:

o   English and All that Jazz – Introduction to Sound Units and Thought Groups

Class Sixteen:

o   English and All that Jazz – Module two

Class Seventeen:

o   Let’s chat – An Opportunity for all of you to bring forward your thoughts, concerns, ideas, issues.

Class Eighteen:

o   Intonation, Sound Units and Thought Group Quiz

o   If you Can See It You Can Say It! – The Power of Visualization and Meditation

Class Nineteen:

o   Putting It All Together

Class Twenty:

o   Q & A

o   Informal Chat

o   Graduation